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PPI has developed strong relationships with the general contractors in the Charleston, SC area, and throughout the Southeast.
We deliver a quality product within time and budget constraints.

Notable properties we have worked on:
  • Governor Thomas Bennett House, Charleston, SC
  • Memminger Auditorium, Charleston, SC
  • Lowndes Grove, Charleston, SC
  • The American Theatre, Charleston, SC
  • The Double Tree Hotel Facade, Charleston, SC
  • Osprey Point Country Club, Kiawah Island, SC
  • River Course Country Club, Kiawah Island, SC
  • Please inquire for a list of private, residential homes.
Architects we have worked with:

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During the exterior restoration of St. Mary’s Church, a section of the column was exposed to reveal an original, faux-charcoal marble finish. PPI duplicated that finish and the columns are a landmark of Hassel Street. PPI also intricately restored the altar ceiling to its original faux finish.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was restored in 1995, with PPI as the paint contractor, and also commissioned to gild the ornamental plaster throughout, duplicating the original design. Over nine thousand sheets of 22k gold were applied to the restored plaster, some at a height of fifty-five feet.

The Cathedral Church of St Luke & St Paul commissioned the company to gild the ornamental plaster in the nave of the sanctuary.

In 1992 the John’s Island Presbyterian Church was completely repainted and the doors were wood grained.

The St. James Church, built in 1709 received a complete restoration on 1999, and the Church’s original King George II coat of arms was restored with a faux finish & gilding.

The Renovation of the First Baptist Church in Beaufort, SC included gilding the dome atop the 140 ft steeple. The exterior front doors were grained to duplicate the original mahogany faux finish.

National Landmark Sites(Next section | Back to the top)


The Restoration of the Historic William Aiken House, circa 1810 was completed in 2001 and is a well known landmark on King Street with its golden hued lime wash exterior. The interior doors are grained to match the original mahogany graining, with an intricate satinwood inlay. Another notable feature is the ornamental plaster eagle that hangs over the main stairwell ceiling. The eagle, with a three foot wingspan was gilded with .22k gold.

The twelve year restoration of Charleston’s County Courthouse was completed in the summer of 2001. The company was commissioned to color design and decoratively paint & gild plaster casts of the double South Carolina State Seal, the Supreme Court Seal, and the King George II coat of arms. The company also gilded a plaster eagle with a six foot wingspan which hangs, with the seals and coat of arms, above the Judge’s seat in the main courtroom.

The Restoration of Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue of Charleston called for a three part lime wash system to be applied to the new stucco exterior.

PPI was hired to assist in the Restoration of The Unitarian Church, applied a three coat exterior lime wash to the structure and .22k gold to the ornamental plaster on the ceiling.

PPI completed the restoration of Charleston’s Market Hall, circa 1841, which included exterior lime washing, faux marble on the four interior mantles and graining the doors the match the original faux oak graining.

The John C Calhoun Mansion at Fort Hill, Clemson, SC, was lime washed (exterior) and the doors were grained to match the original graining.

Historic Private Properties(Next section | (Back to the top)

  • The Middleton-Pinckney House, more commonly known as Spoleto USA Headquarters on George Street is a highly recognizable Charleston landmark with its soft lime wash.
  • The Branford-Horry House, circa 1750 at 59 Meeting St., Charleston, SC
  • The Calhoun Mansion, circa 1876, Charleston, SC
  • 38 Church Street, Charleston, SC
  • Rose Hill Plantation, Blufton, SC
  • Poco Sabo Plantation, Green Pond, SC
  • Bonnie Hall Plantation, Green Pond, SC
  • Middleburg Plantation, Cainhoy, SC
  • The Vanderhorst Mansion, Kiawah Island, SC
  • The John Fullerton House, circa 1772, Charleston, SC
  • The Philip Porcher House, cira 1765, Charleston, SC
  • The William Vanderhorst House, circa 1740, Charleston, SC
  • The Parker Drayton House, circa 1880, Charleston, SC
  • The Confederate Home, Charleston, SC
  • The Grove Plantation in Adams Run, owned by the SC Department of Natural Resources was completely restored in 1995 including a lime wash for the exterior foundation of the structure.
  • The Paul & Dalton Plantation, Green Pond, SC

Museums (Back to the top)


In 2000, the Historic Charleston Foundation received a large grant to restore the ornamental plaster in the grand drawing room of the Nathaniel Russell House, built in 1808. This is a most significant room in Charleston as it exquisitely represents the Neo-Classical Period. The ornamental plaster was completed in 2001 after six months of decorative painting and gilding.

Since 1990, Plantation Painters, Inc has been retained by the Joseph Manigault House & the Heyward-Washington House to fulfill all the painting requirements. The Joseph Manigault House is a National Historic Landmark, and both properties are currently owned by the Charleston Museum.

The Lime Wash trend that Charleston experienced in the early 90’s was preceded by the work PPI did in the restoration of the stone basement walls at the Aiken Rhett House. Since then, the city has seen the vibrant finish of Lime Wash popping up throughout the Historic District.

Photography by Keith Bradshaw, Rik Snyder & Christine Wall.