Decorative Finishes

In addition to painting, we offer a wide range of decorative finishes inluding the following:
Gilding is essentially the application of a gold finish. It can be achieved by applying gold leaf, or by using metallic powders.
Wood Graining:
Graining is the art of imitating natural timber graining. It is achieved by using a brush or comb to pull thru the translucent glaze, which has been applied over a base coat. This creates a general grain. More ambitious imitations can be achieved, creating figured timber, knots and different sawn cut timbers, by drawing into the glaze.
Marbling is the imitation of the natural product of marble often called faux marble. It is achieved by commencing with a base coat, painting on veins of various shades, dabbing and softening the painting, dry brushing to blur the effect, touching up and adding the required colored dabs, then applying varnish to seal it, when almost dry French chalk is sprinkled over it and polished to create the same sheen as marble.
Glaze is a translucent coating, which is used to modify or enrich the work done previously.
decorative finishes in process
Distressing is making a finish look older that it really is or time worn and rugged. It is achieved by using two different colors, base and top coat and partially removing the top coat to expose the base underneath. It looks as if it has been worn by years of wear and tear.
Verdi Gris:
Verdi Gris is the color that copper and bronze turn with age and unprotected exposure to the elements. It is a blue green shade and it is replicated in a paint effect.
Strié is a popular form of Faux Painting using glaze and paint brushes to create a soft natural striped texture.
Venetian Plaster:
Venetian Plaster is a Finishing technique using thin layers of plaster applied with a spatula or trowel and then burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture.
Acid Wash:
An acid wash provides a one of a kind finish that is determined by the existing variables on the surface. When a concrete acid stain is applied to an interior plaster wall, it reveals and enhances the pre-existing conditions that are unique to the surface.
Furniture Finishes:
Hand painted pieces at customer’s request.